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We emphasize community at the BiG Fab Lab. A strong, active community fosters excitement, passion and innovation that drives members to become a family and realize satisfaction with the continual completion of projects that would have otherwise been much more difficult to achieve.

  • Meetup Groups (3D printer enthusiasts, HAM operators, Computer coders, Arduino enthusiasts, drone enthusiasts, sewing and quilting clubs, etc.)
  • Donate your equipment to the Lab in exchange for memberships and classes. Instead of working alone in your own shop, now you can share your tools, and hang out with others with shared interests
  • Teach classes in your area of expertise
  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout projects
  • Participate in Maker Fairs locally and nationally
  • Get input on your latest project from your member knowledge base of PhDs, master craftsman, artists, engineers, and others

Schedule a tour or arrange for your group meetup!