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Mission & Vision


The ability to conceive, to create, to innovate is within us all; it is innate, God-given. We all have a dream. And, we believe everyone should have a place where that dream can be explored, cultivated and realized.


We believe in learning. Inspiration comes from within, but the practical application of that creativity comes through learning, not simply learning how to use tools, but learning how ideas go from your head to your hands.


We believe that two heads are better than one, that four hands are better than two. We believe in community, where encouragement and timely input from another person can lead to your breakthrough.

Most people possess certain unique gifts that they need to express. These unique gifts come in many forms, one of which is to create “things” with our hands that can be shared with others. We all love to create, design, invent, experiment & dream in our own ways…

The presence and popularity of DIY TV programming such as: HGTV, Shark Tank, Myth Busters, various “how to” programs, as well as the online presence of how to on YouTube and other expressive media reflect these innate desires.

However, many never get beyond the sofa when it comes to realizing their dreams.

Why? Because …

  • They don’t have the money or the space for the necessary tools.
  • They don’t feel like they have the knowledge to utilize the technology and tools.
  • They don’t know how to develop their great ideas in the marketplace
  • They don’t have the network of other knowledgeable skilled people around them, etc.

Our country’s status in the world and our individual standard of living depends on ideas, invention, and ingenuity.

Our schools don’t teach the art of creating anymore. Shop class and hands-on projects are very limited and are becoming something of the past.

Small- and medium-sized companies would like to innovate but don’t have the capital to justify the investment in tools to inspire engineers to innovate, space to R&D their concepts, or access to the various skilled professionals required to fulfill their innovation.

What if…

For the price of a gym membership, anyone who has ideas, projects or inspirations can access the tools and a collaborative community to make their dreams a reality?

BiG Fab Lab, LLC is an open-access 24/7 workshop (or “Maker Space“) that will serve people in the Northwest Ohio region. We will provide the equipment, classes, private storage and studio space, and personal assistance to a membership community that allows them to prototype and develop any idea they can imagine. We are targeting peopleschools, and businesses who have an interest in hands-on skills in a variety of crafting, design, manufacturing areas, and business incubation. We will also provide retail space so that our members can test market and sell their creations!

Can you envision yourself as a member of this community of like-minded, creative people?

Could you imagine the power of bringing business, students (K-12 & university), and community members together into one place? No walls, no silos, each sharing and collaborating with others to innovate, educate, and collaborate. Perhaps we could transform our region and maybe the world!

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably one of us already! Caution: once you start down this road, your life will be forever changed! You’ll make new friends, discover skills and talents that you never knew you possessed, maybe find a new job, or start your very own company!

By filling out and submitting the simple questionnaire, we can keep you informed of our events, classes, and promotions.