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Mark Bowlus

Founder and Director

Big Fab Lab Founder Mark Bowlus

The Founder and Director, Mark Bowlus, is a Mechanical Engineer with a nearly 25-year history of professional engineering experience, invention and self-started entrepreneurship. He has professional skills in mechanical design, automation, and programming which he has used to complete numerous cross-disciplinary projects. Invention, prototyping, and teaching has been a life-long passion.

Mark graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Spanish, and specialization in Computer Science. Prior to this venture, Mark worked in a number of engineering related positions with organizations such as: Honda, Alstom Automation, and Materion. Never satisfied to be pigeonholed into doing the same task for a career, he wore many hats as Mechanical Design Engineer, Engineering Manager, Technical Sales, Applications Engineering, Production Engineering, and Operations Management.